We are a group of young individuals from Shkodra who have worked in the tourism industry for several years, providing boat services around Komani Lake and Shala River. Our goal is to make people aware of the unseen splendors of our country, which will help these places’ infrastructure and economies grow.
The area is distinct due to its seclusion and the harmonious coexistence of people and environment.
We have been able to create a foundational economy since tourism arrived, which has enabled us to stay in the region and halt the outflow to the city.
Up to 20 tourist groups may board our boat at once. You will be looked after by more than 3 personnel to ensure that everything runs well and that you can appreciate Lake Koman’s and the Shala River’s natural splendors.
Visitors who seek an appreciation for our culture, environment and way of life are held in the highest regard. Those who want genuine experiences will like this location. We want to foster tourism that is equitable, sensitive, and long-lasting, giving visitors a memorable and authentic taste of the area while also giving them a chance to get to know the locals.

Shala River: From Where it Initiates and Where it Flows

The Shala River flows from the Albanian Alps to the Adriatic Sea. It has a length of 37 km from its source on the peak of Radohina to the Dri(today Lake Koman). It begins at the Straza hill at the head of the village of Theth, at the foot of the peak of Radohina, from where it descends through the valley of Shala, from Thethi, Ndjerlysa, and Musha, from Breg-Lumi to Porta e Shales (Gryka e Rrshqemi), through Lotaj. It is a mountain river with a one-kilometer drop of 22 meters on average. The blue and cool tone of the water is typical of this river, and the sheer cliffs that surround it seem to reach out and grasp the sky with their hands. There is a particular beauty in the Shala River that is impossible to convey in words. In the years of democracy, the Shala River has become a tourist destination for both foreigners and locals, from where many visitors describe it as the pearl of the beauties of Koman and Albania.

Komani Lake: The Origin

Lake Koman was artificially formed by the communist administration to acquire energy via the usage of hydropower units. The construction of dams on the Drin River has created a lake that not only provides power to the country but has also become a popular tourist destination in northern Albania. The backdrop is breathtaking, with towering mountains ranging in height from 1,000 to 1,500 feet on each side of the road.
Compared to other lakes, this one has a more natural appearance. You can really sense the peace and quiet on your tour. You may reach out and feel the tranquility of the lake for yourself if you want to go by boat.