Every year, the Albanian Alps are visited by tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world in addition to the locals. The whole of this area provides visitors with a blend of untouched natural beauty, including breathtaking mountain peaks, and a cultural and historical legacy that has been meticulously conserved. Nevertheless, in spite of all of these virtues, the influence of humans has resulted in a significant amount of destruction in Valbona. The work that was done to create multiple minor HPPs has ruined the scenery and caused the Valbona River to become polluted. In addition, HPPs will have a negative impact on the surrounding ecosystem and its resources. The people who live in Valbona have voiced their vehement opposition to the hydroelectric projects, and they believe that if the construction work is allowed to continue, it would spell the end of the tourist industry in the whole region.

The Albanian Alps provide a variety of opportunities for ecotourism, including the following:

Agrotourism Activities
Activities that fall under the category of agrotourism center on the cultivation of land for agricultural purposes, the harvesting of crops, the husbandry of animals, and the processing of products from livestock. All of these activities may be readily coupled with farm day events, village treks, trips to mills, rivers, waterfalls, and other monuments that are situated in the locations where organic goods are manufactured and marketed.

Crafting Activities
The way of life in the far mountains had a significant influence on the evolution of the crafts that were created by the local artists. Carving talents allow for the creation of a wide variety of things out of wood, including but not limited to: musical instruments, working tools, beehives, window frames, household goods, and kitchenware. Craftspeople who are skilled in their trade have passed on their expertise to subsequent generations, and they continue to produce ornamental objects and homewares in the traditional manner. Making and selling handiwork may be both fun and lucrative way to spend the colder months.

Farm Activities
Visitors may experience the calm and quiet of nature while staying on a tiny farm nestled between the peaks of the Albanian Alps, and they can also enjoy wonderful, wholesome cuisine that has been harvested directly from the farm. It is possible for tourists to participate in the everyday operations of the farmers. On a rural farm, what activities are available? While you milk the cows and care for the livestock on the pasture, you might start by listening to Baresha, which was composed by Nexhmije Pagarusha. You may also take part in other agricultural or domestic chores, such as the planting of vegetables and the preparation of meals.

Traditional Celebrations
Throughout the course of the year, the Albanian Alps play host to a large number of traditional celebrations. The festivities are attended by farmers, craftsmen, and other members of the community from all around the area, who bring their homemade wares. Festivals not only provide people the opportunity to socialize with one another, but they also provide regional producers with a platform upon which they may display their handmade goods and organic foods, as well as make connections with wholesale distributors.