Any vacation spent in Albanian Alps is certain to be one of a kind and filled with genuine experiences thanks to the country’s illustrious history, breathtaking natural scenery, kind and welcoming people, and beautiful landscapes.

The Albanian culture has the marks of centuries spent in relative isolation among the mountains and in small settlements. Our culture places a high value on the manner in which we greet guests and the hospitality we provide to them. It is declared in the unwritten rule known as the “code of honor-Besa” that “Our house belongs entirely to the visitor and God,” and its reverberation may be seen in present times. When an Albanian first meet you, they will extend their hand to shake yours and then kiss each of your cheeks four times. We are aware that this may appear odd to people from other cultures, but it is something that comes quite easily to us. When you meet a local in any hamlet in Albania when hiking or on any other rural journey, you shouldn’t be shocked if they welcome you to their home and reward you with raki (traditional liquor) or seasonal fruits from their garden.

When you are a visitor at an Albanian family’s dinner, the first seat at the table is designated just for you, and you shouldn’t be startled to find the head (or tail, depending on the village) of a roasted goat on the table. When you are traveling in Albania, particularly in the countryside, you shouldn’t be startled if elderly women dressed in the black approach you, kiss both of your cheeks four times, ask how you are doing, where you are from, and how your family is doing, and then give you candy. The significance of visitors and hospitality is reflected in Albanian culture in a myriad of different ways, all of which may be seen by visitors from other countries while they are in the country.

You will have the option to stay at one of the most prestigious guesthouses in all of Koman during your trip to Lake Koman – the Shale River. You will be staying at the guest house known as Kulla e Vjeter, which is located in the village of Koman. You will be able to park your vehicle there and locate a place to sleep, in addition to taking in the breathtaking scenery of the countryside that surrounds the area.
There, you will get the chance to sample the regional cuisine and also become a part of the friendly Albanian table. As a result, you will have the opportunity to experience the kind hospitality of the locals and the eagerness they have to teach you more about their country.