Incredible mysteries are buried deep inside the mountains that make up the northern region of Albania. One of those that has been kept the finest is Lake Koman, which is a mirror of water that is emerald green and crystal pure and spreads for miles and miles. This landmass is encircled on all sides by wooded areas, rocky terrain, and quaint little towns, and it extends its hospitality to tourists via the enchantment of its shades. Because you can receive some fresh air here, you will find that it makes it easier to relax, which in turn will make your thoughts more positive. But in addition to that, participate in a wide variety of activities such as hiking, naturalist tours, fishing tournaments, and canoe expeditions.

Lake Koman is an artificial body of water that was created not too long ago. The water from the Drini I Zi, Drini I Bardhe, and Luma rivers were diverted via the Fierza hydroelectric dam and transported to this location more than forty years ago. The result was one of the most breathtaking man-made ponds in the whole of the Balkans. In addition to being useful for the generation of power, the pond is now included on the list of the most underrated and pleasurable places to visit in Albania.

In certain places of the world, the only ways to go about are either by boat or on foot. To go from one city to another, the natives almost always use boat, which is similar to the situation in Venice, where most people live. Even students who are required to attend classes at the University of Shkodra choose to use the boat since it is the most direct route to the faculty building. Whether you are traveling on Lake Koman for business or pleasure, the greatest vantage point to take in the beautiful surroundings is from the deck of a boat. The natural setting is completely untouched, and the blue of the sky, the green of the forest, and the grey of the rock are all reflected in the water, which creates fascinating light effects.