Why is known as “Blini I Gurit t’Lekës”?

The Shala River, otherwise known as the Albanian Hidden Paradise or the Thailand of Albania, has a special story behind its name.
It is stated that the name “Shala” was formed from the horse’s saddle, which is a lovely legend, according to the popular tongue of today’s people, who say that the name “Shala” was derived from the horse’s saddle. They are the descendants of three brothers who resided in Shirok, Shkodra, and their names are Shala, Shoshi, and Mirdita. The brothers were united when Shiroka was struck by the disease, but they were forced to flee the city. At the time that they decided to end their marriage, the only tangible assets that they had were a horse saddle, a sieve of flour, and a loaf of bread. Shale was the name of the person who stole the saddle off the horse, Shosh was the name of the person who stole the bag, and Mirdita was the name of the person who stole the loaf of bread.

It is a wonder to be able to visit Shale, this natural oasis that is also known as “Blini I Guri t’Lekës” because it was the location where the leader of Dukagjin, Leka, spent the last years of his life. Legend has it that Prince Lek Dukagjini, the second most important leader of the Albanians after the hero Gjergj Kastriot Sknderbeu, spent the last years of his life in this region. In this region, you can find names of his own, such as “Guri I Lek,” a strategic point where you can see the valley. It was believed that Dukagjini protected the country from the arrival of the Turks from this vantage point. Dukagjini is famous across all of Albania for being the prince who compiled and penned the ancient rules that governed the Albanian people. They are now often referred to as “The Canon of Lek Dukagjini.” His principality, which included the highlands of Mirdita, was ruled over by the ferocious warrior and monarch Dukagjini. Throughout the journey, you will come across rocks and caverns that bear his name. It is claimed that he spent the remainder of his life guarding his domain by traveling over the highlands through this river. The history of Albanian resistance may be thought of as flowing through the Shala river like blood through a vein. The saddle river is one of the most fascinating sites to visit in Albania because of its natural beauty, clear water, and kind and welcoming people. It is said that the Shala River has the most potential out of all the rivers in Albania, thus the boat ride down the river is an amazing experience. This voyage is still one of the most beautiful experiences you can have, even though there are still faults in the infrastructure, which start with the national road that you will have to pass before boarding the boat.