Last but not least, Albania can also be proud of its mountain tourism, despite the fact that Albanian tourists themselves have forgotten about these areas and the communist regime actively discriminated against them. However, mountain tourism is already preferred and appreciated by visitors from other countries. Many travelers believe that the Albanian Alps are among the most picturesque mountain ranges in all of Europe, placing them in the ranks of some of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations. Even though it might be dangerous to do so in such a wild and authentic environment, many tourists choose to sleep and eat their meals outside in the natural world.

The cultural and historical history of the local population, in conjunction with the natural riches of this region, represent the most essential grounds for the development of tourism in this region. As soon as you leave Gryka e Medlysa and come face to face with the marvel that is the Grunas canyon, which is around 2 kilometers long, 40 to 60 meters deep, and only 2 to 3 meters broad, the natural riches are readily apparent to each and every visitor. In addition to the canyon, there are a considerable number of caves in Theth; however, the one that have drawn the attention of many mountaineers, speleologists, geographers, etc. is the Harap Cave. This cave, due to the size and the interesting phenomena that it carry inside such as underground lakes, galleries, and siphons, among other things, has become the cause of many legends that were created by the residents of the area themselves.

Theth Waterfall, which has a height of 25 meters and is located in this region, is one of the most intriguing sites to visit since, in addition to the surrounding circuses and the Bloja Mill, it reveals a distinctive, natural beauty of the northern highlands. But the source of the river Shala in Okol is just as beautiful. Its springs generate between 2.5 and 3 cubic meters of water per second, which enables a small hydroelectric plant and 12 mills to function. These facilities provide drinking water of excellent quality and cleanliness. From Thethi, one of the most remarkable spots in the Northern Alps, to the south, where the “Blue Eye” rests magnificently in the middle of nothing. From exploring the National Parks to gazing in awe at the imposing rock formations that serve as the backdrop for the mountain ranges, this trip has it all. ranging from places to stay and traditional dishes from Albania to entertainment options and sporting activities that may be enjoyed as a form of recreation. To this day, Albania is a stunningly beautiful and charming nation that welcomes tourists throughout the year and offers a wide variety of tourist activities.