The mural known as “Zoja e Lurdit” was installed in the cave of Koman, Shkoder, during the unrest that took place in Albania in March of 1997. Believers from Koman and the surrounding regions make a pilgrimage once a year to the site known as “Zoja e Lurdit” to offer their prayers and ask for the saint’s intervention.

The installation of the statue known as “Our Lady of Lourdes” is commemorated annually by the devout citizens of the surrounding region. The festivities begin with prayers, and then everyone makes their way to the cave that houses the statue of “Zoja e Lurdit.” The Holy Mass is attended by a great number of well-known priests from the surrounding region. The devout begin their journey to the liturgy on the boat.

After that, they boarded a boat that would take them to an island that would later be known as the “Island of Peace.” Once there, they would see hundreds of doves, which are a sign of peace, touching the blue sky.

The Cave of Zoje is quickly becoming a popular stop for vacationers who are in the area to see Lake Koman. It is only possible to enter the cave using a private boat. It would be a stroke of good luck for you to stumble across the yearly ceremony that marks the importance of religion to the Albanian people’s culture and identity.