When it comes to the growth of tourism in the Albanian Alps, Lake Koman is an important location to consider. He has been a significant contributor to the growth of these areas, both economically and in terms of their physical infrastructure. In addition to this, it has set new benchmarks for the growth of the winter tourism industry in Albanian territories.

There is nowhere else in Albania where you can visit such a small region and yet have the chance to observe and explore a vertical terrain that ranges from 170 to 1800-2400 meters in elevation. In addition to the breathtaking scenery, the locals come to the lake to cast their lines and try their luck at catching some fish. The use of ferries and boats for the transportation of both people and commodities along the inland waterways is also being developed. In addition to the two ports that are located on opposite sides of the lake, Fierza and Koman, many additional spots around the lake are interesting enough to warrant a trip there.

Among them, it is important to mention the Shala River, the Daica River, the Berisha River, the Gomina River, the Shala Cave, the Kaurri Cave, the Peace Island, the Gjaku Stream, as well as the communities of Svin, Berbull, Zhub, Berish, Nanbli, Temal, Toplane, Brise, Salce, Palc, and others. In addition, the Shala Cave and the Kaurri Cave are both worth mentioning. Thethi, Valbona, Shala River, Nikaj-Mërturi, Gashi River, Puka, etc. are appreciated considerably better via Lake Koman. The trail that the Drin river had excavated one million years ago to build the bed for the lake that is now known as Lake Koman has been covered by Lake Koman for about forty decades already.

The Drin River is formed when its two branches, the White Drin, which begins in the region of Peja in Kosovo, and the Black Drin, which begins in Lake Ohrid in Macedonia and flows into the region of Kukes in Albania, join together. The Drin River then continues as a single entity through the mountainous region of Tropoje and Shkodra. The Drin River serves as a geographical border between the enormous block of the Albanian Alps and the southern region of the country. In the town of Fierza, the Drini river meets up with the enchanting Valbona river. Further on, the river of Nikaj-Mrturi (Tropoj), and further still to the west, the very lovely river of Shala.

The extended shape of the lake’s surface was generated by the valleys in which it was formed, and this shape follows the valley contours. Because of Lake Koman, the beauty of all of Albania’s other magnificent rivers has been absorbed into the Drin, which in turn has diminished the beauty of all of Albania’s other magnificent rivers. During our day excursion on the lake, we will make a stop at the Saddle River, which is widely considered to be among the top Lake Koman attractions. One of the most popular tourist destinations over the last several years due to the remarkable natural features that can be found there.