Beginning at the Vau I Dejs Lake, the route then takes you straight into the countryside, giving you a taste of what is ahead. This tour introduces you to the foliage and the perspective of the mountains as you progressively rise to roughly 400m at the Koman dam, even though the valley is considerably larger here than it is on the lake itself. Once you’ve made it through the lengthy tunnel, you’ll find a modest landing pad with few frills. Regular boat service was implemented as soon as the project was finished since it was a cheaper and more environmentally friendly means of transportation and the lake was created after the hydroelectric power facility at Koman on the Drini River was finished in 1986.

It’s no big deal that the inhabitants take their beautiful setting for granted. After all, people need only glance out their windows to be awed by the majesty of the mountains, some of which climb to an altitude of 1700 m. But this is a very tiny man-made lake, and the channel of the original river can still be seen as the boat winds and turns toward almost impassable rock cliffs on its sluggish and unrelenting journey from one makeshift landing platform to another.

The last stop, the Shala River, is a very memorable one. Near Komani Lake, about 1 hour by boat from the Koman embankment, lies the beautiful Shala River, a popular tourist destination. In its last kilometers, when the Shala River meets Komani Lake, it provides some breathtaking beaches that rival anything in Thailand.

The water for the Shala River comes from a variety of springs and brooks near the settlements in the Shala and Shoshi valleys, which feed into it from their respective mountainous regions.

Shala River’s last kilometers before it empties into Komani Lake provide spectacular coastlines in stark contrast to Tayland’s landscape. It has become one of the most popular tourist spots in the Albanian Alps due to its beautiful river. Shala River is one of the most beautiful places in Albania, and it is located in a remote area surrounded by towering hills. The fast movement of the river’s water, which is crystal clear, gives travelers a view that has been compared to the scenery in Thailand. A boat trip down the Shala River seems like an amazing experience to me.

The Shala River tour is an extraordinary boat trip program that offers tourists the best of Albania’s untouched natural landscapes, an thrilling trip through the heart of the Albanian Alps, and a one-of-a-kind look into the culture and traditions of the local people.

Paddling about on the Shala River, going to one of the region’s numerous peaks that provide spectacular panoramas, bathing in the river, or pitching a tent are all possible activities for tourists to engage in during your stay on the river. The relief and climatic conditions make the saddle river a suitable place to visit at any time of the year.