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Explore Shala River & Komani Lake: Why experience this one-day tour?

Enjoy breathtaking sights of the Albanian Alps, waterfalls, rural towns, and untamed woods as you cruise down the Shala River from Komani Lake on this day-long boat trip. Many people say it’s the perfect blend of exoticism and warm welcome. During our break at Shala River, you may have a delightful traditional lunch and you can taste the finest handmade cuisine. We make almost everything we eat and drink ourselves, including bread, veggies, yogurt, cheese, honey, meat, raki, etc.
Lamb pot roast, fish of the lake, bean soup, and cornbread are just some of the dishes we can offer you if you visit us.

Listed below is the schedule for your Shala River day trip:

We’re happy to arrange a smooth minivan ride for you from either Tirana or Shkodra.
Minivans will leave from Asim Vokshi Street, next to Gazheli Petrol, in Tirana at 5:30 a.m.
At 7:00 at the Migjeni theatre in Shkodra, you may get a minivan transport.
Your private boat trip may be booked via our Instagram account @discoverkomanilake or by calling +355696360000.
Departure from the port of Koman to the river Shale by boat at 10:00.

Start of the Trip
After departing from Lake Koman’s port at 10:00, further travel to the Shala River begins.

About the View
Enjoy the pristine splendor of nature on your boat trip over Koman Lake to the Shala River. The water in this river is a distinctive shade of blue, and the surrounding cliffs are so steep they seem to soar into the clouds.


We’ll stop for lunch at one of the inns along the lake where you can have some regional specialties before continuing on our journey. Swimming in its clear waters, paddling a kayak down the river, exploring the beautiful scenery, hiking the mountains, and learning about the local culture are just a few of the activities that may be developed.
Finally, the end has come
Having finished our meal by the Shala River, we will begin making plans for our departure at 15:00.

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