1. Spend Time at Albania’s Most Stunning Lake
You don’t need to go much farther than Komani Lake and the Shala River if you’re a view chaser seeking the “best of the best.” Both of these locations provide breathtaking panoramas. Shala River and Komani Lake are without a doubt among the most stunning in all of Albania.

2. The good energy
During the evening hours, the only people around are those who are staying at one of the guesthouses along the river. There is complete silence, and the background soundtrack is comprised of very chill tropical sounds. There are fire pits, hammocks, and quaint small riverfront bars that are managed by the guesthouses, and the sky is clear enough to view all of the stars in the sky.

3. You can drink the Pure Water of the Mountains
Because it contains heavy metals and other contaminants, the tap water in many of Albania’s cities is not considered suitable for human consumption.
To our great good fortune, the water in the Shala River may be consumed without any concerns about its purity or safety. The water is untainted by any man-made products, chemicals, or additions of any kind since it is obtained straight from the National Park of Theth. And it has a crisp flavor.

4. Enjoy the beautiful Landscape
Finding a place in nature where you can get some peace in Albania might be difficult at times, but if you go to the Shala River, you’ll be surrounded by it!
You have the option of spending your days swimming in the cool mountain water, canoeing down the river that is reminiscent of Thailand, trekking interesting paths, or just relaxing under the stars.
The Shala River is home to some of the most breathtaking vistas in all of Albania, making it an excellent location to unwind and just take pleasure in being surrounded by nature.

5. Quick Arranged Trip
It is possible to have an extremely difficult time organizing excursions in Albania at times. Both the quality of the public transportation system and the amount of Albania-specific information that can be found online are unsatisfactory.
However, going to see the Shala River isn’t hard at all. If you plan a tour or a night’s stay at one of the guesthouses along the river, the operator or host will sort out all the minute details for you, such as the hours of the ferries, transportation to and from Lake Komani and Fierza, and so on.
This is one of the tours in Albania that won’t give you headaches and is also one of the most gorgeous adventures accessible there.

6. Fantastic hiking trail
The path is quite difficult to follow and verges on perilous at times. The majority of this path consists of scrambling, there are very few cliff crosses, and I had to use my hands and feet to get over many portions.
Others who are frightened of heights are going to have a very difficult time here, whilst those who are not afraid of heights will undoubtedly flourish here.
At the highest point, not only will you get a fantastic view of the Shala River (on both sides of the mountain), but there will also be a little tunnel that goes through the rock and out the other side, which is an awesome feature.
I would recommend visiting with the locals who own the guesthouses since they have the most up-to-date information and the route may be rather tough to navigate on your own.