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Day: September 20, 2022

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Ecotourism in the Albanian Alps

Every year, the Albanian Alps are visited by tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world in addition to the locals. The whole

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Top 6 Reasons to visit Shala River

1. Spend Time at Albania’s Most Stunning LakeYou don’t need to go much farther than Komani Lake and the Shala River if you’re a view

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Shala River: Now established as a “Natural Park”

The government of Albania has designated a number of new places as “Natural Parks,” including the Shala River, the Albanian Alps, and the Munella Mountain.Mirela

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Mysteries of the Albanian Mountains

Incredible mysteries are buried deep inside the mountains that make up the northern region of Albania. One of those that has been kept the finest

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Albania-The safes country to visit.

The best place to go for visitors who value both their safety and the quality of their experience in Albania. Why is this country a